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Excerpt from LOVE OF HER LIFE by FRAN O'BRIEN P>Liz showered and changed. She was nervous, unable to make up her mind what to wear for her date with Scott. Finally, as she had worn black the first time they met, she chose a pale grey skirt with a silver top and matching scarf. She took a taxi into Dawson Street, and the car pulled up outside Chambre Bleu. She paid and stepped out, pushing up the umbrella to protect herself from the rain. She dashed for the entrance door and went inside. Someone came in behind her, a swirl of wind hurtling through as the door was opened. She glanced behind her. 'Liz?' It was Scott. They stared at each other. He moved closer. His eyes met hers. His hand reached to cup her face. His lips touched. Soft. Warm. So familiar. She responded. Their bodies clung to each other. But they had to part almost immediately as the door opened behind them and a group of people pushed in. They went into the restaurant, which was crowded with diners. The manager came towards them, smiling. 'We've a reservation for Fenton, table five in the window,' Scott said.